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What is CETAC's Mission?

CETAC’s mission is to advance the practice and profession of Public Health Social Work and assure high quality education and training for Public Health Social Workers.

Who is on CETAC?

Committee members are jointly appointed by the NC State Health Director and the Dean of the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health.  Representatives on the committee come from state and local government, local health departments, other public health settings, associations of public health, schools of social work and other educational settings.  Members serve a three year term.

What has CETAC Accomplished?

Over the years CETAC has sponsored or cosponsored a variety of continuing education programs for public health social workers such as public health social work conferences, basic skills and public health social work orientation, immigration, cultural beliefs, health care and the law and emergency preparedness,  to name a few.   The committee has also worked to help develop public health social work standards at the state and national level and promote the profession of public health social work through its annual March Social Work Month mailings to local public health agencies.

What are the Current Priorities?

  • Increase awareness of public health social work practice among social work students and other public health professionals
  • Assure high quality training and education for public health social workers
  • Enhance value of public health social work practice
  • Maintain public health social work staffing and capacity in state and local public health programs

What are the CETAC Subcommittees?

  • Executive
  • Nominating
  • Public Health Social Work Conference/Principles and Practices of PHSW
  • Marketing
  • Public Health Social Work Leadership Institute/Leadership Development
  • Public Health Social Work Training, Certification, or Credential
  • Social Work Personnel Classification System
  • Comprehensive Work Force Analysis/Survey Training Needs

How can YOU Get Involved?

CETAC is always looking for public health social workers to participate on its various subcommittees. You do not have to be a CETAC member to participate on a subcommittee. If interested in volunteering, please contact Kelly Spangler, CETAC Secretary at (828) 890-1147.